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What We Believe

Business is
the lifeblood
of progress

You are the driving force regardless of where you fit in the value chain. First, by bringing products and services to market, turning investments into deliverables into profits, and then by giving back through taxes, charity, and consumption. Profit drives progress by allowing savings to flow into innovation and growth, allowing the best ideas to emerge and the best investments to win. This cycle of risk and renewal is what makes the world a better place for everyone.

Why We're Here

Learn. Share.
Profit. Progress.

Our mission is to help you produce exceptional business outcomes regardless of size or scope. Key Bridge was founded by Jonathan Poland after more than 40,000 hours of success in the financial markets, refining strategies and best practices into models for better business development. These are the cornerstone to helping business leaders pursue their most important goals. People start businesses. Success turns to profit. Profit drives progress. We help close the gaps between capital allocation and value creation.

How To Win

Value Creation

At its essence, business is an endless cycle of investments and deliverables, profit and loss, risk and renewal, where success is built on mastering the fundamentals, allocating capital at scale, and adjusting to market changes – improving quality, value, and impact across your businesses lifecycle. Business development means business improvement. To that end, we work on a range of matters from core functions to specific topics providing support where we can add the most value.

What To Expect

A Blank Slate
for the Pursuit

We create solutions for any vertical, customized to your work and business. This allows us to mold the experience around your goals and potential. As advisor, we offer analysis, resources, connections, and support at every stage of development. As agent, we find and facilitate opportunities, procure deliverables, and allocate capital as needed. As advocate, we work to positively impact the greater good in local communities. Join us in building better assets, tackling global challenges, and advancing the greater good.



Q + V = I

Quality + Value = Impact

What drives success? At its essence, business is an endless cycle of investments and deliverables, risk and renewal, where success involves improving the quality of investments to offer better products and services across iterations; improve the value of deliverables to increase efficiency, maximize budgets, survive profitability; and improve impact in the market to reach and serve more customers. We are agnostic to means, helping members in whatever capacity adds the most value.



Whether working out of a garage or hiring employee #649 business is still about people. People create profit and profit drives progress by allowing capital and savings to flow into innovation and growth.  This is our methodology for building better assets. (1) Create and/or implement strategies and tactics; (2) Collect data, make different decisions, take different actions; and (3) Allocate resources to maximize results.


B2C. B2B. B2G.

Whether its better meet demands of business buyers, creating value from consumer spending, or navigating the procurement process and sales cycle for governments, we help member create solutions across verticals, customized for any market. In the United States, annual business spending is in the range of $40 to $45+ trillion across all industries; total personal consumption spending is $15+ trillion in annually; and agencies at local, state, and federal levels spend around $2 trillion per year.

Numbers based on data from Census, BLS and BEA.

Advisor. Agent. Advocate.

As advisor we offer dedicated analysis, resources, connections, and support around your specific business goals. As agent we find and facilitate opportunities, procure deliverables, and allocate capital. As advocate we work within local communities to positively impact all their stakeholders. The goal being to offer a powerful and flexible solution bridging the gaps whatever, wherever, and whenever they arise.

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