Arch Resources (NYSE: ARCH) is engaged in the production and sale of metallurgical products, managing seven active mines. The company held significant coal land assets, either owned or primarily controlled through long-term leases, distributed across various states. Specifically, it controlled around 28,292 acres in Ohio, 952 acres in Maryland, 10,095 acres in Virginia, 306,263 acres in West Virginia, 81,450 acres in Wyoming, 234,087 acres in Illinois, 33,047 acres in Kentucky, 362 acres in Montana, 248 acres in Pennsylvania, and 19,018 acres in Colorado. Additionally, it held smaller parcels of land in Alabama, Indiana, Washington, Arkansas, California, Utah, and Texas. Arch Resources markets its products to utility, industrial, and steel producers both domestically and globally. Established in 1969, the company’s headquarters are in St. Louis, Missouri.