A workflow is a part of the business process helping to build repeatable pattern of tasks that can be performed by various people (or automated) within and between work environments. It’s represented as connected steps and the data flow combined and streamlined from one step to another. The string of events paired together makes it easier to identify the connecting people, processes to make alterations and optimize a mundanely routine job.

Workflow helps identify redundancies, increase accountability, reduce micromanagement, improve communication, enhance customer service, and overall provides more insights and data into the business process, which can help improve the quality of products and services you deliver.

A key concept related to workflow is called orchestration, the function of starting steps in the process at the right time and with the right data to achieve a business result. It can be implemented with a generic tool such as a workflow engine or custom algorithms. For example, when an order is placed on a website, an automated processes starts to provision the order and set the customer up in a billing system. If the customer has made a special request, maybe a ticket is created for a customer service representative or automated email sent to the customer.

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