Westlake Corporation (NYSE: WLK) is engaged in the production and marketing of performance materials, essential substances, and products for housing and infrastructure across the United States, Canada, Germany, China, Italy, Taiwan, and other international regions. The Performance and Essential Materials segment delivers a variety of products including polyethylene, styrene monomer, ethylene co-products, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl chloride monomer, ethylene dichloride chlor-alkali, chlorinated derivative products, and epoxy resins. Conversely, the Housing and Infrastructure Products segment supplies residential PVC siding, PVC trim and mouldings, architectural stone veneer, windows, PVC decking, PVC films used in inflatables, wallcoverings, tape and roofing applications, polymer composite and cement roof tiles, PVC pipes and fittings for water, sewer, electrical, and industrial applications, PVC compounds utilized in housing, medical, and automotive products, along with consumer and commercial items like landscape edging, industrial, home, and office matting, marine dock edging, and masonry joint controls. Westlake Corporation caters to a range of customers including chemical processors, plastics fabricators, small construction contractors, municipalities, and supply warehouses, serving diverse consumer and industrial sectors such as residential construction, packaging, automotive, healthcare, water treatment, wind turbines, coatings, and various other durable and non-durable goods sectors.