Sylvamo Corporation (NYSE: SLVM) is a producer and distributor of uncoated freesheet, cutsize, offset paper, and pulp, operating across Latin America, Europe, and North America through respective regional segments. In Europe, the company provides a range of printing papers under the REY Adagio, Pro-Design, and Jetstar brands, and also produces uncoated freesheet papers, managing a paper and pulp mill within this segment. In Latin America, the focus is on uncoated freesheet paper marketed under the Chamex, Chamequinho, and Chambril brands, with the inclusion of HP papers. This segment operates both integrated and non-integrated mills. Over in North America, Sylvamo offers imaging, commercial printing, and converting papers, along with uncoated papers under brand names like Hammermill, Springhill, Williamsburg, Accent, DRM, and Postmark. The distribution of its products is carried out through various channels including merchants, e-commerce platforms, agents, resellers, and paper distributors, ensuring a wide reach for its product offerings.