We have a non-fungible token on the ethereum blockchain

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Where We're Going

The idea of digital assets is not going anywhere and will likely only get more and more popular as the ties between real world tangible goods and internet based smart contracts solidifies. We are going to be issuing a limited supply of membership tokens using NFT and blockchain over the next 5 quarters.


NFT's popularity are centered around art at the moment with a lot of projects from celebrities garnering too much money in our opinion. Our future NFTs will be used to grant access to the membership at Key Bridge.


At the beginning of 2020 we created a few boxes of metal membership cards each with unique serial numbers to be issued to new and existing members. At the time, NFT's weren't virtually unknown. Then Covid-19 seemed to make digital assets even more acceptable and valuable.


This may be our only NFT run and it may never happen at scale with membership attached since our members like to remain private. You know the first rule of fight club and all. And, we're not entirely convinced cryptocurrency itself will withstand the test of time, but there's no harm in trying.

What We Believe

NFT's could stick around in a post crypto popular world.

Blockchain technology has made digital assets a lot more popular and valuable. It powers the trillion dollar crypto currency market. Even if ETH drops from $3,100 to $0.31 the underlying technology will remain the most valuable innovation in technology since the internet itself. How will society use it long-term is still up for grabs. Just like domain names of today, there could be an infinite number of crypto projects created on-chain to decentralize and disrupt different central systems.

We hope it trickles down to voting, government, and politics in general; however, that is still unlikely. We hope it doesn’t just mean all of today’s online services become more complex, which is possible.