Marketing is the practice of selling including processes such as product development, promotion, pricing and distribution. Sales is the final stage of the marketing process that manages customer relationships and generates revenue via transactions. Sales and marketing are both aimed at generating buying, purchasing, spending.

The division between the two differ widely from one organization to the next; however, the primary difference is that marketing owns the product and sales owns the customer relationship. We believe that to build long-term brand value a company needs better go-to-market strategies that integrate both under one umbrella by defining the benefits and experiences that make brands relevant, credible, and distinctive across sales and marketing efforts.

Global marketing spend exceeds $1 trillion a year, which is north of two percent of global GDP. In fact, marketing budgets have risen faster than top line sales for decades. Analysts report that 15-20% of that spending could be released through better ROI, allowing companies to return it directly to the bottom line. Businesses face a variety challenges today, including growth expectations, cut-throat competition, increased customer demands, and the social media revolution.

Greater ROI starts with better narrative around the customer’s experience, caring about what they care about, and creating status and value in their minds – all while allocating capital the right way. Brand messaging is one of the most important determinants of success. Be clear on the most effective attributes for the given brand objective and factor in both short and long-term impact.