Defined as creativity plus delivery, turning new ideas or methods into tangible results is what matters. Growth is vital to funding new investments, attracting great talent, and acquiring assets. We help members drive performance through new ideas in products, services, processes, and models. While there are many proven formulas for success, particularly when it comes to innovation, there are a few essential components to focus on:

(i) Aspire, make innovation a key focus area in your business;
(ii) Allocate, invest in key initiatives with enough resources to win;
(iii) Adjust, differentiate and improve value propositions with market changes;
(iv) Accelerate, launch quickly and effectively, scale in the right markets.

And a reference guide to help along the way…

Inventive Step
Identifying a leap forward that is valuable.

Guidelines and approaches to innovation.

Market Research
Identifying unfulfilled needs that are valuable.

Testing, learning and designing new tests across the cycle of discovery.

Business Models
Turning an idea into a valuable business model that generates revenue.

Leading, directing, controlling and measuring innovation.

Intellectual Property
Retaining the rights to your inventions.

Risk & Challenges
The potential for programs of innovation to result in losses.