01What is Key Bridge?

Key Bridge is a private membership for business leaders; a blank slate for the pursuit of profit and progress. Its core purpose centers around helping members make better capital allocation decisions that improve their businesses wherever they are in that journey.

The goal? To generate alpha. We do that by offering value based consulting built on decades of work across the capital markets, turning what works at the highest levels of the economy into models for better business development across every level.

The platform is designed so that everything can be customized to the member, their work and business, to offer unparalleled service and return on investment through a relentless focus on quality, value, and impact. See About Us for more.

02Who is Key Bridge for?

Any business leader that has their compensation linked to business performance. This includes small business owners, entrepreneurs, senior executives (CxOs, VP’s), managers with P&L discretion, and even sales and marketing professionals.

New members register a minimum of one month in advance and are fully vetted during the first quarter of service. This allows us to deliver tangible results while determining if we’re a good fit. Long-term, the goal is to have the value we add vastly exceed the fees we charge. That’s how we generate alpha for you.

03What's Included?

The Key Bridge platform is essentially a blank slate that provides support on almost any business development aspect. Visit our Platform page for more.

We consult on business matters offering dedicated analysis to drive business development. Essentially, this involves us telling you what strategy, tactics, ideas, etcetera you should implement for a specific work or business matter. We utilize an extensive database of research and researchers to gather insights and synthesize data.

We help procure deliverables for virtually any endeavor a member works on. This means sourcing, buying, delivering virtually anything you need to improve or grow your business. We also have a expansive network of trusted third-party suppliers that can deliver goods and services across almost every aspect of business.

We help find and facilitate deals, interactions, and opportunities. This is where we advocate for the success of each member business, supporting their individual goals. Whether that means managing vendor accounts, allocating resources (if necessary), or creating and building solutions for specific challenges. We bridge the gaps where we can add the most value.

04What does it cost?

$5,000 (in USD)
per quarter per user
plus deliverables

Fees are determined by activity with a base rate of $5,000 per quarter per user. Members can pause their membership anytime and resume it later without losing their fixed rate pricing. Dues are collected by the first day of the fiscal quarter – January, April, July, and October.

We work with third-parties to supply goods and services to our members. These are billed separately and we do not receive fees or commissions on any of these transactions. Additionally, we assess value added fees anytime a member requires direct allocation or procurement. These are collected as achieved.

05How does it work?

Members can request support on unlimited business matters. We handle requests one at a time and manage with Notion, Trello, or integrate with the tools you already use. Everything is tailored to your specific work and business. We only work for members, no upsells or referral pressure.

As advisor, we offer dedicated analysis, resources, and connections for member specific goals. As agent, we find and facilitate opportunities, procure deliverables, and help allocate capital. As advocate, we work with members in their local communities to advance the greater good.

Members can start fully using the service on the first day of quarter in which they register or unpause their membership. We work to produce exceptional time to value by understanding your needs and aspirations as clearly as possible from day one. So, you can spend less time hung up on the details and more time building an extraordinary business. Our personal touch sets us apart.

06What are some examples?

Any consulting or business development support you need across our Core Playbook. You want to work on strategy; need to tackle operations or organization; fix sales or marketing issues; identify innovation opportunities; solve technology or risk management challenges; raise capital or clear financial hurdles. This means our work is focused on improving what you have already deployed and implemented as well as creating and building new solutions from scratch.

Topic areas include…

07Can you be more specific?

Right, let’s get to the nitty gritty of better business development. Essentially, business is comprised of investments and deliverables, each working in a cycle to sustain continuity. Better business development  calls for improving quality, value, and impact within and throughout that cycle.

What for…

  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Profit
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Increase Assets
  • Increase Book / Equity

How to…

  • Increase total buyers
  • Increase buying frequency
  • Increase transaction size
  • Reduce cost of goods
  • Reduce wasted spending
  • Reduce debt, interest expense
  • Reduce SG&A costs
  • Reduce ownership 
  • Reduce liabilities
  • Reduce CapEx

The Tactics…

Keep It Super Simple
Better ad spend
Better social content
Better sales cycle
Better suppliers
Better partners
Better talent
Better policies
Better processes
Better procedures
Better legal protection
New sales channels
New sales vehicles
New products
New services
Improve customer experience
Improve product quality
Improve service quality
Improve brand presentation
Adjust company culture

Acquire bolt-on businesses
Acquire accretive businesses
Better internal communication
Better market communication
Better brand awareness
Better regulatory compliance
Better risk management
Longer employee retention
Longer customer retention
Increasing employee comp
Better sales funnel
Better pricing strategy
Better checkout flow
Better employee alignment
More customer feedback
Regular employee training
Regular financial audits
Honest results comparison
Benchmarking performance

08What are Key Bridge's core values?

Live up to high professional standards.

  • Align member interests with our own
  • Maintain high ethical standards
  • Cultivate an independent perspective
  • Manage member resources like they were our own

Work to consistently improve client performance

  • Create high level engagements
  • Deliver the best of the firm to all members
  • Innovate with service and deliverables
  • Build skills and capabilities for sustainable growth
  • Build enduring relationships based on trust and performance

Create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people

  • Sustain a flat hierarchy
  • Foster empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Develop a “work that matters” culture
  • Act with a “one organization” model

09Are my dues tax deductible? 

In general, consulting fees, including those from a membership based service like Key Bridge, are often considered ordinary and necessary business expenses in most jurisdictions, including the United States. As such, a portion or all may be deductible for tax purposes.

If the service is related to regular business operations, it’s generally deductible. If it’s for a capital project or a long-term benefit, it may not be immediately deducted. In some cases, expenses might not be deductible in the year they are paid but instead may be amortized over a longer period.

The structure of your business could also influence how such expenses are handled. Before making any decisions, it’s essential to consult with your accountant or tax advisor to understand the specific tax implications for your business and jurisdiction.

10What if I'm not ready? 

If you’re not ready to join Key Bridge, you can start with our free newsletter. Our mission is to help business leaders build better assets, tackle global challenges, and advance the greater good – whether we’re working with you directly or simply providing value through free content.