Eagle Materials (NYSE: EXP) produces and sells heavy construction materials and light building materials within the United States. The company’s operations are organized into four segments: Cement, Concrete and Aggregates, Gypsum Wallboard, and Recycled Paperboard. Eagle Materials Inc. delves into limestone mining for the creation, production, distribution, and sale of Portland cement, alongside grinding and selling slag. It also mines gypsum for the production and sale of gypsum wallboards, essential for finishing interior walls and ceilings in various types of structures, ranging from residential to commercial and industrial. Furthermore, the company manufactures and markets recycled paperboard, catering to the gypsum wallboard industry and other paperboard converters, while also offering containerboard and lightweight packaging grades. Additionally, Eagle Materials Inc. involves in the sale of ready-mix concrete and the mining, extraction, production, and sale of aggregates like crushed stones, sand, and gravel. The materials produced find applications across commercial and residential construction, public construction projects, and road and highway construction, expansion, and repair initiatives. Initially known as Centex Construction Products, Inc., the company rebranded to Eagle Materials Inc. in January 2004. Established in 1963, Eagle Materials Inc. has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.