Constellium SE (NYSE: CSTM) is a France-based firm specializing in the development and manufacturing of aluminum products and solutions, with a particular emphasis on advanced alloys and engineered solutions for a variety of applications including automobiles, beverage cans, and airplanes. The organizational operations are structured into three distinct segments: Packaging & Automotive Rolled Products, Aerospace & Transportation, and Automotive Structures & Industry. The first segment focuses on the creation of rolled aluminum items such as can and closure stock for the food and beverage sector, foil stock for the flexible packaging market, automotive body sheets, heat exchangers, and reflective sheets. In the Aerospace & Transportation segment, the company offers aerospace-centric aluminum products like plates, sheets, extrusions, and wing skins, alongside plates and sheets for transportation, industrial, and defense purposes. The Automotive Structures & Industry segment specializes in delivering extruded items and cutting-edge structures for automotive use, encompassing crash-management systems, body structures, side impact beams, and battery enclosures, along with hard and soft alloy extruded profiles for a myriad of industrial applications within automotive, engineering, rail, and other transportation markets. The company markets its products either directly or via distributors across various regions including France, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United States, as well as in Shanghai and Seoul.