CF Industries is a leading producer and distributor of nitrogen fertilizers. The company operates seven nitrogen facilities in North America and holds joint-venture interests in further production capacity in the United Kingdom and Trinidad and Tobago.

The company makes nitrogen primarily using low-cost U.S. natural gas as its feedstock, making it one of the lowest cost nitrogen producers globally. The company is also investing in carbon-free blue and green ammonia, which can be used an alternative fuel to hydrogen or as a means to transport hydrogen.

These products are used for clean energy, fertilizer, emissions abatement, and other industrial applications. It also offers diesel exhaust fluid, urea liquor, nitric acid, and aqua ammonia products; and compound fertilizer products with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

It primarily serves cooperatives, independent fertilizer distributors, traders, wholesalers, and industrial users. The company was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois.

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Total Revenue: $4.6B
Net Income: $456M
Market Cap: $9.9B
Employees: 2,970

Our Take

CF Industries has struggled with consistency, generating sporadic growth and profit over the last decade. Value Line gives it a 10 out of 100 on earnings predictability, but it seems the company is on the upswing in its cycle and should continue to grow. CF has been helping feed the world for over 75 years, so it’s not going out of business tomorrow. Nitrogen fertilizers are essential to the food supply chain and life as we know it contributing to more than half the world’s food supply.


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