A simple resource dump of Ai websites we found during Q3 2023.

Human AI
Ethical, transparent, and beneficial AI development for society.

An artificial intelligence research lab.

Scale AI
Provides high-quality training data for AI applications.

Arize AI
An AI observability and model monitoring platform.

Provides enterprise artificial intelligence solutions.

Veritone AI
Provides an AI operating system platform.

DataRobot AI
An enterprise AI platform for data scientists.

Clinc AI 
Offers conversational AI experiences for enterprises.

InData Labs 
Provides AI-powered solutions and consulting.

Offers high-quality training and validation data for autonomous driving.

Provides an open-source machine learning platform.

Specializes in low-power AI and edge computing. (Acquired by Apple)

An AI research lab owned by Alphabet Inc.

An AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant for doctors.

Snorkel AI
Offers a platform for building and managing training data.

Cresta AI
Uses AI to help sales and customer service teams become experts.

Netomi AI
Offers AI for customer service automation.

Provides a machine learning acceleration platform.

Olive AI
Uses AI to automate healthcare administration tasks.

Eightfold AI
Provides an AI-powered talent management platform.

Uses AI to deliver business insights and automate tasks.

Allganize AI
Offers AI for customer service and enterprise knowledge management.

Clari AI
Uses AI for revenue operations and forecasting.

Lilt AI
Provides AI-powered translation services.

Invoca AI
Uses AI for call tracking and conversational analytics.

Automation Anywhere
Offers AI-driven process discovery and analytics.

Provides an AI-powered customer data platform.

Uses AI to offer risk assessment and valuation tools for investors.

Skymind AI
Provides an open-source AI platform for enterprises.

A semiconductor company that designs and builds compute accelerators for machine learning workloads.

BrainChip AI
A neuromorphic computng company that has developed a revolutionary neural networking processor.

Vianai Systems
An AI platform that provides human-centered AI systems and education.

Offers AI for sensitive information detection and data protection. (Acquired by Relativity)

Primer AI
Uses AI to automate the analysis of large datasets.

Element AI
An AI solutions provider and a hub for AI innovation. (Acquired by ServiceNow)

Sight Machine
Provides AI for digital manufacturing.

Offers intelligent automation software for businesses.

Aible AI
Provides AI-driven business impact prediction and optimization.

Creates AI-driven decision-making tools.

Diveplane AI
Offers AI for understandable and controllable AI modeling.